Collection of the Department of Guadeloupe

Fortuné Chalumeau's collection was sold to the Guadeloupe General Council in 1995. The latter bequeathed it to INRAE in 1999.

It is more important than the INRAE collection (more than 450 boxes against 265) but is less diversified. It is very rich in Beetles, especially the Scarabeidae (12,000 specimens).

This collection consists of 60% specimens from the Lesser Antilles and 18% from other areas of the New World.

For the locations, the specimens come mainly from Guadeloupe and Martinique but also from Latin America (Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico...), Africa, Europe and even Asia.

Its work began in the 1970s and continued for about fifteen years.

A few thousand individuals are still kept in foil or on "layers" and are waiting to be prepared if they are of interest.