INRAE's own collection was incorporated in the 1960s.

It was gradually and enriched by various entomologists from the Station of Zoology and Biological Struggle and by external missionaries. Among others: André Delplanque (general entomology), Bernard and Jeanne Lalanne-Cassou (Noctuelles), Jean-Pierre Torregrossa (Abeilles), Alain Kermarrec (Fourmis), Jean Etienne (Micro Lepidoptera) Jacques Brun (Coccinelle).

In its beginnings it was based on an approach primarily agronomic. The groups initially represented were mainly crop pests and auxiliaries. Numerous publications will be published as a result of this research, including the 1968 premiere of Georges Ano

The catches were mainly carried out in Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Since then, the collection has opened to other taxa and today represents a beautiful showcase of French Caribbean tropical biodiversity, with 15 Orders and about 150 families.